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Our goal at Buoyant is to develop long-term relationships with our clients and tackle long-term growth goals together. Because of this, we build each inbound marketing package from scratch, with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

If you have any questions or would like to check on emergency availability, please reach out to us.


all services include


• Mission and Vision Evaluation

• Target Client Analysis

• Competition Analysis

• Collaborative Project Management Board

• Statistic-based Decision-making

• Search Engine Optimization Editing Process



Copywriting is the art and science of writing the words that convince prospective clients to take action, such as book a call with you, purchase your products, or visit your brick-and-mortar location.

If the words on your website, email newsletters, or social media feeds don’t excite your audience, you may lose potential customers to your captivating competitors.

At Buoyant, we write conversion copy with your business and your audience in mind. We study your business mission, vision, and services and your audience’s needs, then bridge that communication gap with the following services:


Website copy

• Home Page

• About Pages

• Services Pages

• Contact Page

• 404/Error Page

• Thank You Pages


• Send breakup/re-engagement emails

• Send abandoned cart emails

• Design email templates

• Create monthly newsletter

• Create email swipe files


• Surveys

• Quizzes

• Infographics

• Toolkits

• How-to Guides

• Case Studies

Lead Generation

• Landing Pages

• Lead Nurturing Workflow

• Create New Lead Generation Offer

Social Media

• Post Captions and Ads


search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big-picture strategy for increasing your website’s visibility through search engines like Google and well, the others that no one really uses.

But what’s in it for you? Why should you care?

Imagine writing your routine blog post -- something you’ve done as long as you’ve been in business -- and then it hits you:

None of this work really matters because it went unnoticed. Hundreds of blog posts went unread or barely read.

But why?! You were told blogging would increase traffic and traffic would increase bookings and bookings would increase money in the bank.

Without proper formatting, your website and blog may not be easily scannable for search engines like Google, meaning potential clients may never have the chance to find you or your valuable content.

At Buoyant, we want your expertise to shine and for you to become the industry thought leader. We can help you rise to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) with the following services:


On-page seo

• Keyword Research and Analysis

• Meta Tag Optimization

• Image Compression and Naming

• Image Alt Tag Optimization

• Internal Link Building

• Identify Content Gaps

• Optimize Old Blog Posts

• Update Best-Performing Blog Posts

Off-page seo

• Social Media Analysis

• External Link Building

• Competitor Analysis

• Guest Blogging

• Forum Submissions

• Press Releases

technical seo

• Mobile Optimization

• Website Designed for User Experience

• URL Structure

• Page Load Speed Reduction

• Duplicate Content Reduction

• Readability

Local SEO

• Google My Business Setup

• Google Maps Setup

• Local Keyword Research

• Yelp, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, etc. Listing Setup


social media strategy + management

Social media management is the process of providing valuable visual and written content and engaging with your audience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media strategy involves goal-setting, consistent action, and reviewing the data on a regular basis.

When you pride yourself on exceptional customer service, you want to make yourself available through social media. However, you also need to spend time away from the screens so you can focus and do your best work.

At Buoyant, we can remove the social media distraction from your list of responsibilities and provide your prospective clients with the content they crave. Our social media strategy and management services include:


• Schedule and post social media content

• Identify Most Valuable Platform

• Build Social Influencer List

• Build Website/Blog List for Generating Content

• Research Relevant Hashtags

• Host a Social Media Campaign/Challenge

• Design and Update Social Media Cover Images

• Add Best Call-to-Action Buttons on Platforms

• Create a Social Media “crisis plan” / SOP

• Engage with followers to deepen relationships


website design + management

Website design is the combination of graphic and interface design, coding, SEO, and implementation of proprietary software. Websites are the virtual home of a company and should not only represent the company’s brand, but serve their clients or customers well.

While you may not need to overhaul the look and feel of your website every year, you do need to keep it relevant to the services you offer and what your prospective clients expect out of you. If they expect excellence, yet see an outdated website without mobile formatting, they may begin to lose trust in your business.

At Buoyant, we can help you maintain that trust in excellence with your clients by providing the crucial updates you need on your website. Whether you start from scratch or go through a partial renovation, we are happy to provide the following services:


WEBSITE design

• Home Page

• About Pages

• Services Pages

• Contact Page

• Landing/Sales Pages

• 404/Error Page

• Thank You Pages


• Heat Map Testing

• Install Chat Feature

• Add Pricing/e-commerce Page

• Add Newsletter Sign-up options

• Broken Link Search


User Interface + user experience consulting

User Interface (UI) is the layout, visual design, and branding on a website. User Experience (UX) encompasses the website framework (interface, navigation, and information), interactive design, information architecture, and overall strategy.

Both UI and UX are involved in every website, but not every website does both well. More than just a slew of pretty colors on a screen, a website needs to fill the needs of the user and have its contents organized in a logical way.

At Buoyant, we understand the proper balance of both form and function. Your website needs to serve you as well as you serve your clients and we would love to help you make that happen with the following services:


• User Interface Audit

• User Experience Audit

• UX/UI Corrective Action

• Accessibility audit (improve experience for people with sensory impairments or other disabilities)

• Client lifecycle consulting (from lead to conversion to retention)

Styled Stock Images for Instagram and Social Media

additional services

Like a cherry on top, these sweet extras fit into any inbound marketing package.


Basic business Setup

• Set up Google Analytics

• Establish Key Performance Indicators

• Competitor Analysis

• Honeybook Setup and Training (get 50% off with my affiliate link)

Email marketing

• Create and manage smart lists based on interests/actions

• Purge inactive email subscribers


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