We see you diving in and doing the work...

You’re taking your booked-out creative business and expanding into the world of virtual education, hosting events, and setting up passive income streams. You’re ready to grow beyond your own time capacity and it shows. You’ve got a bazillion cool ideas keeping you awake at night and your done-for-you services are systematized, running smoothly, and if we’re being honest, feeling a little less exciting than they used to be. You’re in massive growth-mode, friend!

The totally cool thing is that you’ve got all the creative brain power you need to make your brilliant educational services happen (and the crowd will go wild)! You just need the right team of word nerds and designers to make this magic happen.

Eek. double eek.

You need a website that will actually serve this new version of you. You need a website that turns your casual browsers into avid blog-readers, subscribers, and repeat buyers. You need a website where the words and design flow smoothly on the pages and wrap your visitors up with a cohesive story -- a story that feels like (your version of) sunshine and warm hugs. You’ve known for a while that your site has been collecting dust and has only been serving as a glorified contact form, but you just don’t have the time or energy to work on it. It’s kind of, maybe, possibly the biggest thing holding you back from becoming a passive-income-earning creative educator superstar… you know… while you jet-set and sip mojitos by the pool.

But you’ve got a problem.

Oh, hi. That would be us right over here at Buoyant.

We offer captivating and compelling copy and website design services for next-level creativepreneurs like you… Creativepreneurs who could do it on their own but know why they shouldn’t. We make telling your story and showcasing your offerings look good… like, perfectly-woven spandex good.

What is it like to hire Buoyant as a copywriting and web design agency?

*Too long, don’t wanna read: It’s pretty darn awesome. 

Wave adios once they hand over the copy if you hire a separate web designer.

Give you formatting suggestions for your website, but you’ll still need to do the design work yourself.

Deliver your final copy in a Google doc or PDF document.

When you hire a copywriter only, they’re going to:

Make you hire someone else to write copy last minute… which may end up costing you more and delaying your project.

Write the copy for you as an add-on… which may not make a ton of sense, since choosing the perfect words and placing them in exactly the right places is WAY more about growth strategy than adding filler content to a set design. 

Make you write your own copy… which takes a lot of time and experience to get write... erm, right.

When you hire a web designer only, they’re going to either:

Oh, and best of all, you get a bonus launch strategy and website platform training call with Emilie prior to launch so you can create and share with confidence!

You sitting back and enjoying your normal routines as we communicate internally and get your project off the ground. You don’t have to act as project manager between multiple service providers when you hire us. 

You having full access to our shared cloud drive of content and recorded calls. No details will get lost in the shuffle with our onboarding process.

You filling out ONE detailed questionnaire, which will help us rally around the same selling points in your business and the same growth strategy.

You telling your personal and brand story ONCE, keeping a cohesive message and preventing you from needing extra naps (or coffee) due to overwhelm.

This looks a whole heck of a lot like:

When you hire Buoyant, you get conversion-based copywriting AND web design under one (virtual) roof. 

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You are ready to hand over some control (yup, it’s part of the growth process).

You have been putting off launching your new educational side of your business because this all feels too overwhelming.

You’re a bit embarrassed to pitch event and podcast hosts to be a speaker because your website looks so 2000-and-late. 

You have a vision for where you want to go or how you want to grow.

You’ve been in business a few years and feel the squeeze on your free time (if it still exists).

Copywriting and Design services at Buoyant are perfect for you if:

While we believe 10000% that every business should have a website as a virtual home base (Marky Z owns your favorite social platforms, not you), we know that not everyone needs to hire a copywriter or designer right away. We think it’s completely fine to launch your first website in a “good enough” DIY state -- we all start somewhere! 

Who are these services perfect for?

So, remember how I said Buoyant is perfect for you if you have a vision for your future? It doesn’t have to be totally planned out! If you’re bouncing around a few ideas, let’s chat and work through them!

You’re not sure what direction you want to take your business yet

Well, that’s why we’re here, friend. Your time investment will only be a few hours upfront, a bit in the middle for revisions, and a bit at the end for the wrap-up. It’s even easier for you if you already have a virtual assistant on your team. 

You don’t have time to work on this project.

Oh goodness no. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear you’ll not only save money, but also months of your time, by hiring the Buoyant team. Heck yes to that!

Hiring an “agency” must be more expensive than hiring a copywriter and designer separately?

You might be thinking…

Then you may just cross over that “how do they do it?!” hurdle. You might increase your revenue beyond the time-for-money limit. I mean, you can only raise your prices so much before you stop getting inquiries. You may be able to bring on team members to serve your clients as you do so you can travel for speaking engagements and networking opportunities. You may even be able to find time for a completely “unplugged” getaway with your significant other or friends. That sounds so incredible, right? 

If launching your new site means expanding your offerings…

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We do things a bit differently at Buoyant, meaning, we don’t live and die by deadlines. We know they cause you wild amounts of stress and don’t want to put that on you. We have a project framework for each client and discuss what your life looks like at the moment. You will get your pre-work done at your own pace and then we’ll decide on an active project work time frame that fits your schedule and workload. We love you as our clients and friends and want to get your website launched beautifully and smoothly.

Let’s Touch on the Timeline…

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We’ve got your back. We love makeovers! We can help you elevate your brand with new logos and patterns, paired with the perfect typography and accessible color palette. Like salt on a margarita glass, this is a very natural add-on for a website launch!

If your brand visuals are a hot mess…

Working with Emilie was a dream. She worked fast and efficiently to build content and copy for me to book my 3 day retreat. She supported me as I had to make changes to my marketing and helped me come up with ideas to best reach my target audience. She joined us at the retreat and was a pure joy to work with, she was an open book and resource to all the attendees. I highly recommend working with her.

heather anderson
heather anderson photography
temecula, california

Emilie did such an amazing job encompassing everything Maria and I envisioned for our new brand! Her design board had us both in awe and watching the website come to life was a dream. She was responsive when we had any issues and was the sweetest lady to work with. We can't recommend her enough!!!

maria barrale & megan lentz
vida events
Virginia & Texas

Working with Emilie on copywriting for one of my many business ideas was such a treat!! From the start - Emilie was so invested in learning my ideal client, and how to emotionally connect with them on a level most copywriters can’t. She was able to speak to their hopes, their fears, and add in a little bit of wit for the perfect accumulation of words that connect and convert. If you’re looking for a copywriter that focuses on connection, and emotion, and has a true passion for words - look no further than Emilie!

Laura neff
laura lee creative
sussex, new jersey

Emilie wrote fresh copy for a new service page on my website. We met, I told her all about the ins and outs of my process and what my client experiences... Then she went home, whipped up some serious magic, and voila! Her copy for my website is infused with personality, includes all of the important information that I need my clients to read, and her grammar is on point (seriously, harder to come by than you’d think these days!). Thanks for being so helpful, Emilie!

Sara matuszak
sara june photography
neenah, wisconsin

I hired Buoyant Marketing for copywriting and web design, and I have to say, Emilie knocked it out of the park! Emilie really took the time to learn my target market, and the copy she came up with was AMAZING! I’ve received so many compliments on the web design and copy. Even during some personal setbacks on my end, that slowed down the final delivery process, Emilie was always super sweet, and understanding. She really exceeded expectations, and is an expert in her field. I’m SO happy I hired Buoyant Marketing!

kelly shoul
in love and adventure photography
denver, colorado

Before I worked with Emilie, I was confused about what my customers wanted to hear, and especially what they needed to hear. Emilie asked great questions to figure out the answers. She took time and care in finding just the right words so they sounded like they came right out of my mouth. Then she implemented them directly into my website saving me a ton of time!
I would definitely recommend working with Emilie and Buoyant Marketing!

Karen Byker
reflections of life photography
grimsby, ontario

Kind words from the sweetest clients

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Website Strategy + Accessibility Consultations: Starting at $250.

Brand Identity Strategy and Design: Estimated timeline after project kick-off call: 4 weeks. Starting at $3500.

Brand Messaging Strategy + Website Copywriting Only: Estimated timeline after project kick-off call: 4 weeks. Starting at $3500.

Semi-Custom Website Design (Template Customization) + Copywriting: Estimated timeline after project kick-off call: 6 weeks. Starting at $4000.

Custom Website Design + Copywriting: Estimated timeline after project kick-off call: 8 weeks. Starting at $6500.

Copywriting and Design services investment opportunities

Because we only take on a limited number of launch clients each month, we encourage you to reach out to check on our availability and snag your prime launch date! 

The moment you've been waiting for.

For most Buoyant clients, it can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to launch your new site, depending on a few things: number of services needed, the turnaround time for feedback, and time of year (holidays make things goofy).

Um, yes! That would be a dream to hug you in real life! Buoyant has had clients all over North America, coast to coast, but very few in the same city. Booooo. Let's change that so we can talk strategy and get nerdy over a cup of coffee. 

We *get* creative entrepreneurs and that’s our niche, but if your neighbor’s cousin who owns a brick and mortar business needs a virtual glow up, send ‘em our way!

Yes! Emilie actually started her entrepreneurial journey as a fused glass artist and sold her jewelry and home decor on Shopify and Squarespace. We’re familiar with how to write product titles and descriptions that will sell!

I use HoneyBook as a customer relationship management software, which allows us to sign contracts and set up secure and automated payment plans. It’s brilliant and makes running a business oh-so smooth. If you want to try Honeybook for yourself, let me hook you up with 50% off!

We focus heavily on the research process, paying close attention to the way you write your brand questionnaire answers and social media posts. We can very easily see patterns in your communication style and are able to infuse your website copy with your brand voice. We then continue the reconnaissance mission by studying your dream clients’ communication style and mannerisms. The art of blending it all together is simply magic. 

Absolutely. We always want to see our launch clients succeed! If you need a team of experts on your side to keep your website running smoothly, we’d be happy to set up a retainer plan for you.

We design almost exclusively on Showit, which is a visual website builder that blends with Wordpress beautifully. We are also able to integrate shop buttons for a smooth checkout experience (hi, fancy new digital products), customer relationship management contact forms, and email platform opt-in forms. Upon request, we can design on other platforms.