Breaking Addiction and Empowering Women with Ashley Beaudin | Ep 005


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Welcome to the Becoming Buoyant podcast, where we’re all about sharing our stories as entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses, making the invisible visible and breaking stigmas along the way.

In this episode of Becoming Buoyant, Ashley Beaudin of The Imperfect Boss joins us to share her story of building a creative business while walking the difficult road to recovery from addiction. She has empowered tens of thousands of women (and men, I’m sure!) to embrace their imperfections as their superpowers.


Ashley Beaudin

Ashley Beaudin is an inspirational speaker, hug-dealer and the visionary of The Imperfect Boss; a movement that is making imperfect normal and inspiring tens of thousands of creative women to grow their confidence. Ashley is passionate about seeing people show up fully as themselves and lead through their gifts, message, and presence. Ashley started creating online movements and leading communities of women in 2013 and has fallen in the love with creating vulnerable, encouraging and confidence-inducing cultures and bringing women together. She is known for her authentic and dynamic voice and has been featured in publications and events all over North America.



about the host

Emilie Steinmann is an experienced conversion copywriter, web designer, and marketing strategist. She is also the host of the upcoming podcast and YouTube channel, Becoming Buoyant.

Driven by cultivating real human connection, she takes pride in providing the best client experience possible. As the owner of Buoyant, an inbound marketing agency, her goals include building an empowered team, supporting her clients, and making a splash in the creative community through marketing education.

In addition to her primary job functions, Emilie has been volunteering as a Rising Tide Society chapter leader for several years and spoke on Diversity and Inclusivity at the annual Rising Tide Leaders Retreat in 2018.

She also has a mild obsession with latte art and colorful office supplies.


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