why conduct a website audit?

Imagine standing in your ideal customer’s shoes, with an attention span of a fruit fly. You “Google” something to find the right service provider to solve your problem: lanai screen repairs, lawn and garden maintenance, pool installation, etc. You click on maaaaaaybe one or two of the top listings on the first page of Google search results and check out their page.

You spend no more than FIVE seconds on the homepage, deciding if this company is:

  1. Able to solve your problem

  2. Trustworthy and reputable

  3. A good value

You decide between the couple of companies you found on Google and send them a message through their website contact form or give them a call.

As a business owner, if your website isn’t showing up on the first page of Google or if your website looks and reads like it came from the 1990s, you are likely losing a boatload of business.

You should be booking more clients (you’re already providing awesome customer service), but you’re not visible enough yet.

The truth is… you can book a lot more clients online even if you don’t feel tech-savvy enough.

Our team at Buoyant Marketing can take a peek at your website and identify the key areas that could improve your search engine visibility and build trust with your potential clients.


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