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Reading Time: 6 minutes Want a taste of sweet blogging success but don’t know what to do? Add these five ingredients to your “meat and potatoes” content!

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Blogging Strategy, Search Engine Optimization Strategy, Website Strategy

September 17, 2021

Blogging Success with 5 Secret Ingredients

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Reading Time: 7 minutes This post is definitely for you if you want to know how to blog if you hate writing. Do you remember your school-age days when your teachers would remind the class to get started on a project the day it was assigned rather than wait until the day before it was due? Remember how you […]

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Blogging Strategy

June 18, 2021

How to Blog if You Hate Writing

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I’m gonna have to ask you to stop what you’re doing.

Stop sending your dream clients on a wild goose chase to hire you.

Okay, I know you don’t think you’re doing it, but the truth is that it happens more than you think and I can guess most of us have done it. We’re so excited to book clients, sell tickets, and create new products that we do whatever we think it takes to get that client in the door.

Take it from me — the recovering hot-mess octopus. Keep the structure simple and be your dream client’s compass. Guide them down a path that solves the pieces to their biggest puzzle. Before I tell you what the Value Ladder is and how to use it, you need to identify ONE BIG THING…

Brand and Marketing Strategy, Copywriting Strategy, Search Engine Optimization Strategy

December 13, 2019

A Creative’s Guide to the Value Ladder

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Just because you can write your own sales copy doesn’t mean you should publish it. Now hear me out, friend. I would love to write your launch copy for you, but I totally get why you would want to do it yourself. You’re a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of girl. You’ve worked ridiculously hard for your money and don’t quite feel ready letting go of it to hire a copywriting pro. I’ve got your back. I’ll show you how to review the copy you’ve already written and make sure it’s going to serve you well. 

Brand and Marketing Strategy, Copywriting Strategy, Search Engine Optimization Strategy

December 3, 2019

Can your current launch copy pass the Buoyant Test?

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Oh, hi there. It’s me again. Just trying to put myself out of a job.

Just kidding. For those of you who want to update your website copy on the fly, I’ve got you covered. I can teach you the basics of how to write compelling copy on your own site so you can fiiiiiiinally stop feeling like you sound like everyone else.

Copywriting Strategy

November 13, 2019

How to Write Website Copy – Photographers Edition

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#freebiealert ✌️ I’m here to help you not make the same mistakes I made while Googling my way through my first business. *Hint: it didn’t end well.

Copywriting Strategy, Email Marketing Strategy

August 23, 2019

The Top 5 Subject Lines You Can Use Today

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When I launched my website earlier this month, I worked really hard on making it look pretty and easy to use. I customized my favorite Squarespace template. I sprinkled my favorite branding elements and headshots throughout the pages. I added newsletter signups, social media icons, and a custom contact form from Honeybook.* Once it looked nothing short of gorgeous, I published that sweet website baby of mine and announced its arrival to the world! ???

But, that gorgeous website won’t perform unless…

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

May 6, 2019

Search Engine Optimization Company Makes Critical Metadata Error

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This week, I did an awkward little squeal when I saw an inquiry come in for my copywriting services from someone I had never met before. Okay, okay, that would be the vast majority of my clients. But even after all these years of being in business, I still get that magical feeling of gratitude when someone other than my close relatives love what I am putting out into the world.

Brand and Marketing Strategy

September 12, 2018

Where on Earth Did You Come From?

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Did you know I went to school to become a librarian?

It feels like eons ago, but right after undergrad and before kids, there was this scary time in my life when I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. (Haha — that lasted WAY longer than I anticipated!) During that time, I applied for graduate school at @uwmadison in the School of Library and Information Science. I cultivated the extra-nerdy side of myself and learned the absolute best ways to gather, sort, store, and reference data (in a digital way, not just on a bookshelf).

Influencer Outreach Strategy

September 10, 2018

The Truth about Instagram Engagement in the Creative Industry

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Old MacDonald had a farm. E-I-E … IO… Strategy? Wait. That’s not right.

What the heck is IO?

Influencer Outreach Strategy is a word-of-mouth marathon — the hottest way to create a buzz about your brand among your ideal customers.

Influencer Outreach Strategy

September 6, 2018

Influencer Outreach and all that Jazz!

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