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We're over the moon excited to learn more about what you're dreaming about for your brand and website -- whether that be a quick template switcheroo or a total makeover.

I think you'll find that we're refreshingly different and really put a lot of emphasis on functionality. A pretty website that doesn't work well just doesn't cut it around here. 

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For other inquiries, you can reach out to us at support@buoyantmarketing.com.

For most Buoyant clients, it can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to launch your new site, depending on a few things: number of services needed, the turnaround time for feedback, and time of year (holidays make things goofy).

Um, yes! That would be a dream to hug you in real life! Buoyant has had clients all over North America, coast to coast, but very few in the same city. Booooo. Let's change that so we can talk strategy and get nerdy over a cup of coffee. 

We *get* creative entrepreneurs and that’s our niche, but if your neighbor’s cousin who owns a brick and mortar business needs a virtual glow up, send ‘em our way!

Yes! Emilie actually started her entrepreneurial journey as a fused glass artist and sold her jewelry and home decor on Shopify and Squarespace. We’re familiar with how to write product titles and descriptions that will sell!

I use HoneyBook as a customer relationship management software, which allows us to sign contracts and set up secure and automated payment plans. It’s brilliant and makes running a business oh-so smooth. If you want to try Honeybook for yourself, let me hook you up with 50% off!

We focus heavily on the research process, paying close attention to the way you write your brand questionnaire answers and social media posts. We can very easily see patterns in your communication style and are able to infuse your website copy with your brand voice. We then continue the reconnaissance mission by studying your dream clients’ communication style and mannerisms. The art of blending it all together is simply magic. 

Absolutely. We always want to see our launch clients succeed! If you need a team of experts on your side to keep your website running smoothly, we’d be happy to set up a retainer plan for you.

We design almost exclusively on Showit, which is a visual website builder that blends with Wordpress beautifully. We are also able to integrate shop buttons for a smooth checkout experience (hi, fancy new digital products), customer relationship management contact forms, and email platform opt-in forms. Upon request, we can design on other platforms.