I Can't Believe I am Saying This... I May Actually Like Winter

For those of you who know me, you’re probably thinking, “This isn’t the Emilie I know!”
Well, it’s true… and I am feeling quite perplexed by it as well. The thing is, I was always bothered by the cold air, the sloppy slush in parking lots, and the bulky layers of clothing. Because I always felt annoyed for five months out of the year, I think I forgot to look around me and notice the beauty.

Many times, after the final leaves fall, I have felt a heavy sense of mourning for the vibrancy and warmth of summer. This year is somehow very different.
Instead of sadness, I feel comfort and a sense of belonging… under cozy blankets with hot cocoa.
Where I once saw barren trees and overcast skies, I now see bright snow, reflective ice and moss growing on tree bark.
At a balmy 35 degrees this morning, I turned off the heat in my car and cracked open the window to feel the fresh air on my face.
The thing about this is that my environment is no different now than it was twenty years ago. Everything that comes with winter has been the same, year in and year out.
The only thing that has changed is my attitude.

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