Managing Healthy Expectations

Have you ever been on a road trip with someone who printed all the directions, reservations, and whatnot and carried them in her handy-dandy binder? You know… the person who went onto Google Maps the night before and made sure there was no unexpected road construction on the route… the one who plotted out the most accessible gas stations and cleanest restrooms every 100 miles on a 1,000 mile stretch?

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Launch Day is Here! 🎉🎉🎉

For those of you who have known me for the last five years, you KNOW I’ve launched and relaunched several businesses. In fact, you might even be thinking… “again, Emilie?!”

Yes, again.

Someone unkind once told me, “it’s about time you found a real job.” Well, sista, one size doesn’t fit all. My entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t thrive in a cubicle.

Now, I have founded and operate an inbound marketing agency with a talented team of marketing and business management experts. Pinch me! (Okay, no don’t)

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I Got Yelled at... in a Starbucks 😨😨😨

Do you ever get an itch in your fingertips, where you feel like you are burning to write and your browser just won't load fast enough? Or, let's kick it old school and think back to the time when you had so much you wanted to write but your hand would cramp up so badly you needed to stop. Sorry for invoking the painful memories, Friend. lol

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Where on Earth Did You Come From?

This week, I did an awkward little squeal when I saw an inquiry come in for my copywriting services from someone I had never met before. Okay, okay, that would be the vast majority of my clients. But even after all these years of being in business, I still get that magical feeling of gratitude when someone other than my close relatives love what I am putting out into the world.

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The Truth about Instagram Engagement in the Creative Industry

Did you know I went to school to become a librarian?

It feels like eons ago, but right after undergrad and before kids, there was this scary time in my life when I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. (Haha -- that lasted WAY longer than I anticipated!) During that time, I applied for graduate school at @uwmadison in the School of Library and Information Science. I cultivated the extra-nerdy side of myself and learned the absolute best ways to gather, sort, store, and reference data (in a digital way, not just on a bookshelf).

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Joie de Vivre: Are You Holding Yourself Back from Happiness?

joie de vi·vre
ˌZHwä də ˈvēvrə/
exuberant enjoyment of life

What makes you happy? 
(No, happier... even happier... there ya go!)

🙃 What makes you so happy you don't even realize you're whistling and dancing in public?

😂 What makes you laugh so hard you cry (and maybe even pee your pants a little)? 

😍 What or who do you love so deeply that your heart inflates like a balloon just at the thought of it/them?

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Buoyant Marketing