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To say I've been blogging more than half my life doesn't sound unusual until you learn how ancient I am.

Back in the (infamous and unidentifiable) day, I started my first blog to document the year I spent studying abroad just outside Tokyo, Japan. Just barely a teenager, with no concept of social media or smart phones, I relied on a basic Xanga blog to communicate with family and friends back home. I monkeyed around with HTML coding and distinctly remember changing my scroll bar to a gradient pink. I was a weird kid. 

More than fifteen years later, I am still madly in love with the art (and science) of writing. 

I did the normal thing... until I didn't.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese, Chinese, and East Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, I knew I wanted to start a creative business. I landed in the corporate world and earned an invaluable real-world education through challenging advising and project management work (but thank goodness this one didn't require more tuition payments). 

I got married, bought an adorable red house in the suburbs, gardened perennials to my heart's content, and worked a reliable job that provided comfortable benefits. Life was good. But as we all know, things couldn't stay that way forever. 

Within just a few short years of each other, I lost my grandma, my mom, and my dad. My life was flipped upside-down and inside-out. The third time was (anything but) a charm, and in 2015, I decided to take my first business full-time.

Through a series of nauseating twists and turns, I managed to start and stop several businesses (none of which felt like "the one"). In fall of 2017, I hired my first business success coach and had the breakthrough I so badly desired:

I am, and always have been, a writer.

I studied multilingual communications from kindergarten through college graduation. While Japanese had always been my focus, I picked up Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, German, and Portuguese, too. You know -- just for the heck of it. 

I wrote, edited, and published web-facing content while employed at major institutions, such as University of Wisconsin - Madison and Madison Area Technical College.

After posting a comical ad to sell my minivan online, I was hired serendipitously as a freelance ad copywriter. 

With over ten years of professional experience and a lifetime of unrelenting passion, how did I not realize I had a brilliantly-lit career path in strategic communications?!

I am happier than ever supporting serious CEOs in their quest to gain loyal customers and naturally increase their bottom line by writing captivating "copy" (words that SELL).


experience the quirky side of emilie

Personality Test Junkie | ENFP + 3w2 + Questioner (ultra-visionary!)

Owned two African pygmy hedgehogs throughout college: Boo and Pepper

Saved lunch money to buy blueprints and architectural design books as a kid

Makes regular Saturday morning donut runs

Advocates for invisible illness warriors

Learned the art of stained glass at the age of thirteen and have been playing with glass ever since

Listens to either business audiobooks or kids movie soundtracks while driving

Buys several paper planners and calendars each year, knowing they will never get used to their fullest potential

Enjoys breaking out her viola or ukulele for the heck of it




B.A., Japanese Language and Literature, 3.5/4.0 GPA | 2009

B.A., Chinese Language and Literature, 4.0/4.0 | 2009

B.A., East Asian Studies, 3.79/4.0 | 2009

Dean's List | Spring 2006, Fall 2008

International Academic Programs Selected Participant, Nankai University, Tianjin, China | Summer 2008

fox valley technical college

Certificate, E-Seed Entrepreneurial Training Program | 2014

awards + recognition

Rising Tide Society

20 ON THE RISE Nominee | June 2018

Bergstrom Mahler Arts Festival

Award of Recognition | July 2016

Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce

Rising Star Award Nominee | 2016

activities + affiliations

Rising Tide Society, TuesdaysTogether

Active Member  | July 2015 - Present

Chapter Leader | August 2017 - Present

City of Menasha Landmarks Commission

Committee Member | Sept 2016 - Jan 2018

City of Menasha Common Council

Alderman Candidate | Jan 2017 - Apr 2017


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